28 January 2012

Spring Training with Mariner Melee

Spring training is just around the bend and I'm thrilled to say that I will be attending two games in Peoria this year. 

I don't own the best media equipment (my camera is a cell phone), but I'm going to see about procuring some quality gear. All media will be uploaded to this site. 

If anyone has any request as far as photos and video, you can request them in the comments section of this post. My wife and I aren't exactly a media crew but we will do what we can. The media will be royalty free so you can use it as you please, I just ask that you cite that you found it here.

Thank you,




* Walker
* Catricala
* Gutierrez
* Liddi
* Seager


  1. Get with me... I won't be able to give you any gear but I maybe able to swing a couple of hook-ups.

  2. I'll shoot you a message when I get home.