31 January 2012

A Trade that Almost Was

A bit of interesting news broke today. When the trade for Pineda & Montero went down, several GMs around the league were stunned to find out that our former, young ace was even available. Alex Anthopoulos, GM of the Toronto Blue Jays, wasn't included in the surprised category. In an interesting article today in The Globe and Mail, it was hinted that the Mariners may have tried to acquire Toronto's young third baseman, Brett Lawrie.

If you didn't already know, Lawrie is a former Zduriencik draft pick from his Milwaukee days. It would've been an attractive move for Seattle considering the Mariners' giant, gaping hole at third base. Lawrie's first major league play came in 43 games this year and he raked. .293/.337/.495, 9 home runs, a .297 ISO, and .413 wOBA. Lawrie's 2.7 WAR was better than every position player outside of Dustin Ackely on Seattle's roster last year, and he did it in only 43 games. This move would have had Mariner fans drooling, and it may even have some a little depressed that it didn't happen. Don't be.

28 January 2012

Good Idea...Or Terrible Idea?

In none too surprising news...well, news! It's been about two weeks now since Seattle sent All-Star pitcher Michael Pineda to New York for backstop hopeful Jesus Montero. Two weeks-ish later and on the first day of Fan Fest we get this:

"I talked to him a couple minutes ago and he said he'd be next to me all the time," Olivo said. "I told him he's welcome to come and I'll help him with everything I've learned in baseball. I told him, 'The days you catch, I'll be looking at you to see what you're doing wrong. And the days you hit, maybe I'll learn something about hitting from you.' We can go back and forth."

Spring Training with Mariner Melee

Spring training is just around the bend and I'm thrilled to say that I will be attending two games in Peoria this year. 

I don't own the best media equipment (my camera is a cell phone), but I'm going to see about procuring some quality gear. All media will be uploaded to this site. 

If anyone has any request as far as photos and video, you can request them in the comments section of this post. My wife and I aren't exactly a media crew but we will do what we can. The media will be royalty free so you can use it as you please, I just ask that you cite that you found it here.

Thank you,




* Walker
* Catricala
* Gutierrez
* Liddi
* Seager

27 January 2012

Seattle Mariners Top 10 Prospects

The list is out.

1. Jesus Montero,C

2. Taijuan Walker, RHP

3. Danny Hultzen, LHP

4. James Paxton, LHP

5. Nick Franklin, 2B/SS

6. Francisco Martinez, 3B

7. Chance Ruffin, RHP

8. Tom Wilhelmsen, RHP

9. Vinnie Catricala, 3B/1B/OF

10. Phillips Castillo,OF

Mariners Media Luncheon

"This is going to be a challenging year at the big league level. Let's not kid ourselves."

Definitely a quote that was greeted with inquisitive stares. One thing I do love about Zduriencik:  he is certainly honest...

But he's right. 2012 could be a rough year, though at the same time, there is plenty of room for it to arouse some of those forgotten emotions such as excitement, joy, and thrill. It isn't all doom and gloom, and even though the above quote may suggest that you fasten your seat belt and brace for a bumpy ride, 2012 is going to be a fun year - a year to watch our seeds grow.

26 January 2012

The Top 10 Questions for 2012

10. What is going to happen to Adam Moore?

A - He'll start the year in the minors. Moore has had it rough and the acquisition of Montero hasn't really made it any better for him. Unless something happens, Jaso bombs, Olivo gets traded or either Olivo or Jaso gets hurt than Moore is probably destined for the minors once again.

9.  Is the roster set, or will the Mariners make another move?

A - Unless the Mariners are just completely loading the cannon for 2013, then yes, they are going to make another move. The Mariners could still use another pitcher, but I don't think they are going to go that route. I would expect another trade, although I don't have a clue with whom, because the Mariners are so tight lipped these days...

8. Will the Mariners move Chone Figgins before opening day?

24 January 2012

Prince Fielder Finally Finds a Home

It is January 24th, 2012 and Prince Fielder has finally found a home. It has been about as drawn out a process as a sports fan can take. 

Prince Fielder is now a Tiger, not a Mariner, in a surprise twist that really didn't make any sense until Victor Martinez went and ruined his season. The Tigers are going to regret this contract sometime in the near future, and the Mariners...won't.

It'll be interesting to find out in the coming weeks just how into this the Mariners really were. There have been all sorts of various reports and rumors ranging from the Mariners being the team willing to give the most money, to the Mariners just lying in the weeds and waiting. It'll be interesting to see if we actually find out the depth of the Mariners involvement.

Anyway, I'm certainly glad it's over.

23 January 2012

Jesus Montero & Opposite Field Home Runs

The deal is done.

The Mariners finally added a young impact bat in an organization emaciated of power. The price paid is a heavy cost giving up their young, talented pitcher, but I'm not going to rehash analysis you can find all over the blog-o-sphere. If you care to know my take, it's simple, I think the Mariners needed this. There are arms that have potential to replace Pineda, but this organization does not have bats capable of doing what Montero can do. So what exactly can Montero do? Let's dive into it.

Now, Montero is right handed, coming to a park that is notorious for eating right handed power hitters alive. SafeCo averages a park factor in the mid 80's, and because of the weather and the dimensions of left field the park absolutely devours right handed power. We've witnessed it first hand, Adrian Beltre, Jose Lopez, Kenji Johjima etc. These pull-happy sluggers watched balls that they demolished turn into fairly easy warning track outs. Seattle Mariner fans are all too familiar with this and might be a little concerned that their organization just gave up a future ace for a power hitter whose potential might be swallowed up by the cavernous dimensions of SafeCo Field.

If you happen to be an apprehensive fan, put yourself at ease. I can name you one certain slugging second baseman who didn't let SafeCo effect his numbers. Bret Boone made a career out of tucking line drives into the area 51 seats. He proved that if you plan to survive standing to the left of the catcher you better bring opposite field pop. Montero and Boone share a gift.

Below we have Montero's true home run landing locations.

Mariner Melee Revived

I'm back.