06 February 2012

Seattle Inks Hong-Chih Kuo

Hong-Chih Kuo was one of the best relievers in the league during 2010. 2011 on the other hand was a bizarre year for Kuo, who landed on disabled list with anxiety pretty early in the season. Kuo stated that his confidence has been shaken after a horrid outing against the Pirates and after the DL stint his season didn't get any better after returning. Kuo ended the season with 27 runs in 27.0 IP, a stark comparison to monster numbers he put up in 2010 (8 runs in 60.0 IP with 73 SO). Eventually Kuo underwent off-season surgery on his elbow, one of a few surgeries Kuo has underwent in his career

It's a one year Major League contract which is interesting considering the Mariners bullpen is just about full. Only one or two spots remain open, with Sherrill having already wrapped up the left-handed specialist role. The Mariners now have to move someone off of the 40-man roster.

This has a chance to be a great move for Seattle. Kuo could be terrible, but it's more likely that he puts together some sort of a decent season. If Kuo can put together a season similar to the one he pieced together in 2010, then the Mariners have a really good bullpen addition or a great trade chip on there hands.  

Bottom line, the move is very interesting. The Mariners have a potential dominant reliever on there hands, and we all know how desirable relievers are at the trade deadline. Hey, maybe they even keep him. n the event that Kuo is bad, the Mariners won't lose much.

I'll be interested to see who get's moved off the 40-man.

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