13 February 2012

Spring Training Stories 2/13

Lets just jump right into this.

1. James Paxton is developing a change

The change-up has arguably become the most important non-fastball pitch in baseball over the past 5-10 years. More and more pitchers are leaning heavily on the change-up, and it is only going to benefit Seattle's young power lefty. Watching the Pitch FX data on Paxton this season will be the only way to truly know if this newly developed weapon is any good. I look forward to seeing how often he uses it, and how nasty it becomes. Color me excited with this news.

2. Hector Noesi will battle for a rotation spot

Well, you already knew that. Noesi, 6-foot-3, apparently has a very easy, smooth delivery that has management impressed. "He's a good, young arm. As a starting pitcher, I like the way he stays fluid in his delivery and consistent with his line to home plate and his release point. The ball comes out of his hand nice." Wedge chimed. They seem excited to give him the opportunity to start, and so should you. If you haven't checked out the article over at Lookout Landing, and this article over at USSM, after you're done here please head that way. Hector Noesi wasn't a throw in, and I have a feeling that if he earns a rotation spot, we will see why.

3. Hong Chih-Kuo opens up about his anxiety

I guess it's not all that uncommon with ballplayers. Kuo insisted he can overcome this, that the power is within himself. "It has to come from inside here,'' Kuo said pumping his chest. "It has to come from inside me.'' Kuo's psychologist, Harvey Dorfman the famous sports psychologist, passed away last year and Kuo admitted it was hard without Dorfman. However, it sounds as if he learned a lot from the man. The lefty is working on his mental fortitude and hopes to avoid another case of the yips.

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