12 February 2012

Spring Training Stories 2/12

Pitchers and Catchers have reported to Peoria, and that means we are that much closer to live baseball games!  Let's wrap up today's headlines in Arizona.

1. Mike Carp helps the Mariners pay tribute to Halman

This one will tug at the heart strings. The shirt can be seen here. It's an amazing gesture and one I was pleased to see. The Mariners have lost two family members in two years, and they continue to be tasteful in the way they pay tribute. It's nice to know Carp took it upon himself to do this. Look for them on sale in the Mariners team store, with the proceeds going to charity

2. Justin Smoak is back and in better shape

Ah, the annual rite. Wedge issued Smoak a challenge at the end of the 2011 season, and Smoak responded. Weighing almost exactly the same, Smoak is sporting a much leaner appearance. While he admitted that he doesn't think the ball is going any further, he said he just feels better and more agile. The bag of results for players reporting into camp with the "the best shape of their lives" tag is mixed. When it comes right down to it, an overweight player with talent is better than a marathon runner who can't play baseball. I will say this, it probably can't hurt.

3. The Team believes Carp can play handle LF and 1B duties

Great. Conditioning is one thing, actual performance is another. I don't know that Carp is ever going to be an above average defender, so I'm going to have to take a wait-and-see approach. As of right now, Wells still offers a considerable upgrade in the outfield. Even so, if Carp can continue to build on the offensive season he put together last year, I will take his defensive faults. 

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